For Vietnamese, food is not only a way of life. They preserve their heritage through their food, its harmony, cooking from the heart. It’s the delicate balance of flavors and fresh ingredients passed down from one generation to the next.

Our Chef and his team have gone back to their roots, their heritage and family traditions. You will find their dishes elegant yet uncomplicated, the end product is not a representation of the single ingredients but the wonderful culmination of many different flavors, textures and vibrant colors. Fresh herbs, fiery chilies and condiments accompany most of their dishes.

In doing so, you will find the Vietnamese principal of 5 elements throughout their new menu: spicy, sour, salty, bitter and sweet, representing metal, wood, water, fire and the earth.

Ask any Vietnamese how they eat and they will say “Năm giác quan”, using all of their five senses.

MOTHER’S KITCHEN  is a member of the NEW STYLE family, delivering authentic Vietnamese experiences in the following locations: